First Up in the Garden     

Biggest gardening commitment ever!   I mean, what else takes three years before you can even have a taste? (ok I cheated and tasted)  But the payoff is incredible and a bed can last 20-30 years.  To me, homegrown asparagus is on the same level as homegrown tomatoes - both taste 100 times better than store bought.  Once you’ve had it fresh from the garden, everything else is a disappointment. Period.

The garden prep & waiting is a pain, but other than pulling weeds and making sure they get plenty of water, asparagus is pretty easy to manage.  Year 3 is when the magic happens! This is the first year you can really harvest (more than just sneaking a few).  You'll have 4-6 weeks to make every asparagus dish you can imagine.

This is our 4th year and we'll have 6-8 weeks (usually starting mid-March) or until the plant starts producing spears smaller than a pencil. The photo above is towards the end of last year's harvest - notice the small ones I should  have left but couldn't help myself.

I know there are probably some really good recipes out there, but so far we just eat them fresh out of the garden or bundled & grilled with a little salt, pepper & olive oil.  Sometimes I splurge & wrap them in bacon.  Delicious!

For some FAQ's about asparagus check out TAMU horticulture.