Basil, basil, basil


Save a little summer for later

Basil is the one thing in our garden that makes us feel like we have green thumbs. I mean, this time of year our plants look like small shrubs.   After making countless fresh tomato basil pasta dishes  & tons of pesto, it’s time to dry some for next year’s spicy tomato sauce recipe.  

The drying process couldn’t be easier. I start by washing the plants with a moderately strong spray from the garden hose, then let them dry for a few hours.  Trim as much as you want to dry.  I dry mine on window screens set up on saw horses in the garage.  Use scissors to trim out all of the large stems and spread the leaves evenly on the screens. Turn once or twice a day for a few days. When the leave crumble easily, I transfer them to a large foil pan and crumble. Pick out the large stems and let dry for another day before transferring to a jar or ziplock.  Happy drying!

    tip: Use a fan to keep air moving to speed the drying.
    tip: Oregano can be dried the same way.