Home remedy


The cold & flu brew

Stopped up, sneezing, coughing, achy, blah!  Yep, it's cold & flu season.

As soon as we start to feel a cold come on, we make a big batch of our home remedy, "the brew".  Even though this isn't a miracle cure, we sure think it helps.  And here's a plus, it doubles as a simmering potpourri making the house smell great!

First, I start with a 2 qt stock pot filled almost to the top with water, then add the following:  the peel of a small orange or tangerine, about 1" chunk of ginger thinly sliced, 3 cinnamon sticks, 3-4 cloves and 1 tiny shake of cayenne pepper.  Simmer the mixture for 3-4 hrs and top off with about a cup of water.  I strain off and jar about 2/3 of the mixture, then add water to the pan for another round.  Simmer the remaining batch for a few more hours.  This should make about 6 pints of the base. Any resealable containers will work. If you have a house full of sickies, double the batch and store in a tea pitcher. 

After you have the base made, the rest is easy.  I just microwave a cup at a time adding a heaping spoonful or two of raw honey and a squeeze of lemon.  For the last cup of the night, I add a generous glug of whiskey for the sleepy factor. 

Get well soon!