Cherry Bounce


Wondering what to do with left over cherries from a photo shoot?


A couple batches of Cherry Bounce sounds interesting.  We’ve never made it, but have heard tales of it’s tastiness & medicinal powers, so I reckon it’s worth a try.  

My wife’s side of the family is very familiar with it having come from the New Orleans area.  There, it’s made with small wild cherries called Black Cherries or Chokecherries.  I haven’t been able to source those, so we used dark red cherries & have our fingers crossed. 

Aunt Lorraine always made batches of Cherry Bounce for the holidays.  Unfortunately, there was never a written recipe.  From what we’ve been able to piece together, she used the wild berries from a bush in her yard, sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg - maybe a clove or two, no one can remember for sure.  She always used the cheapest Rye available & on occasion made a few batches out of some ...ummm.... “locally made” clear liquor.  My Mother-In-Law, Shirley, swears by its ability to completely arrest a cough & give you a good night’s sleep!

There are several recipes online - all of them have 3 things in common:  cherries, sugar & hootch. The last ingredient is usually either Brandy, Vodka or the cheapest Rye Whiskey you can find. From there, the recipes start to differ using various amounts of the 3 main ingredients & some add spices like cinnamon sticks, slices of whole nutmeg, cloves, just like Aunt Lorraine did.  There’s even a recipe from Martha Washington available because apparently George liked to have a flask or two on hand.

So, we decided to look at several recipes & meld them together to make our own combination. We stuck to the “family brew” and used spices, but a lot of recipes don’t. We had enough cherries to make 1.5 batches.  We made a full recipe of the Whiskey & cut things in half for the Brandy recipe and have stored them away in a cool dark place until Fall.

Should be ready in time for the cough & cold season aka “The Holidays”!