Cherry Bounce *UPDATE*


The Bounce is ready

After months of waiting, the cherry bounce we made in June is ready and I gotta say, it's amazing.  The flavor was smooth with a perfect cherry flavor, not at all like the cough syrup that I had envisioned.  We sampled it around Christmas and it was good, but decided to give it another month or so. It only gets better with age.

I personally like the whiskey version better (in the Maker's bottle), but that's probably because I like whiskey better than brandy to start with.  So now all I need to do is find a great cherry whiskey cocktail recipe.

I had planned to make a drunken cherry cobbler with the fruit after we drained off the liquor, but it was awful.  It was not at all like you'd think, they didn't even taste like cherries. Failed drunken cobbler plan aside, we will make another batch again...... soon.