Bet You've Never Seen a Smoker Like This


We just call 'em Slim Kents®


What do you do if you're a retired engineer that loves hunting & smoked meats?  Well, you smoke a lot of meat.  I always know something magical is happening down the street when I smell that hickory smoke wafting through the neighborhood. 

Doctor Who has a phone booth & my neighbor Kent has a magic freezer.  OK, maybe it's not magic, but it is awesome. It's actually an old upright freezer converted into a super efficient low temp smoker, perfect for jerky, sausages and snack sticks.

I happened to catch Kent after a recent Turkey hunt making some of his delicious snack sticks.  Let the sampling begin!

Kent's Mad Gobbler Turkey Sticks:

Apx. 80% Wild Turkey Breast
Apx. 20% Pork Butt
3% To Total Meat Weight Of  Diced Jalapenos
AC Legg Cajun Jerky Seasoning Blend 132
Base Heat:  Red Oak (Coals Only)
Smoking Woods:  Pear And Hickory

Some of the other treats from Kent's magic freezer include smoked sausage, summer sausage, jerky and snack sticks.