Fresh Venison


Meat, the old fashioned way

I know this shot looks like a scene from Dexter, but don't worry, this post is not about the butchering.  It's about what we do with it afterwards.

I haven't hunted in years, but fortunately I have very generous neighbors that do. (I'm lookin' at you, Lot 12!)

We only do 3 things with our freshly butchered goodness.

#1  Smoke the backstrap wrapped in bacon.  We usually do this within a few days of butchering, if not the same day.  To quote J.J. Walker from Good Times, it's "Dy-no-mite!".

#2  Take about 6-8 pounds of some of the larger muscles and cut them into strips about 3/4" thick & smoke over hickory until they temp about 150°.  Cool, cut into bite size pieces and freeze in 1 pound packs for some super awesome chunky chili meat.  Again, what does J.J. say?

#3  Grind the rest of the meat for burgers, casseroles & sausage.  Venison is an extremely lean meat, so I mix it with an equal amount of pork shoulder meat for the sausage & I mix it with brisket for the burgers.  I spend a LOT of time trimming both the venison & the pork 'cause nobody likes weird chewy bits in their sausage.   How you grind, stuff or pack it is up to you. 

tip: A.C. Legg has some great sausage mixes.